Saturday, June 25, 2011

Five Fast Years of Matrimony

This past weekend, on the 24th of June, Wayne and I celebrated five years of marriage. Five years that have gone by so fast and full of so many good memories of the life we created together thus far. I was thinking back to our wedding day in 2006, all the preparations, joy and anticipation of that special day. A day that every girl dreams of for years, then the day of it flies by so fast and all of a sudden it was five years ago. I couldn't help bringing out a few photos to show you and sharing some of those special wedding moments.

Wayne's hair has thinned out and lost a lot of color since that day and my hair seems to get shorter with each child. I'm not sure if we've danced together since our wedding day. It's a little harder to get Wayne wearing fancy duds like that and my wedding dress doesn't zip up quite so easy. So a few things have changed since but our commitment to one another stands firm from the day we said our vows. While we thought our love was so great then it's so much stronger now. We've come across out all the little things that annoy us about one another but our understanding of each other has deepened; respecting our individuality yet drawing nearer as one. Oh, there's many a crazy, frazzled moments, arguing one moment and laughing the next. To keep a marriage alive and joyous certainly isn't always easy and takes a whole lot of effort. To love is to make a choice, and to deliberately act on that choice each day. At the end of the day, with all the good and despite the bad, there is no one I'd rather turn to than Wayne.

I'm so thankful for the man God has blessed me with. He provides, comforts, teases, directs, has the driest jokes, protects, works hard, and is such great daddy to our kids. For the past five years we've enjoyed the simple moments in life: drinking coffee, cruising the country roads, watching movies, fellow shipping with family and friends, dreaming of house renos and future plans, laughing at our little ones, working to keep up our home and just enjoying one another. I look forward the rest of our marriage, Lord willing, many, many years.