Monday, November 28, 2011

Happenings Here at Home

I can't believe it already the 1st of December!  A busy month ahead of me as Christmas activities and preparations come into full swing. A busy month behind me as I've (almost) fall cleaned my house from top to bottom and have begun many activities. With fall cleaning I've gotten back into my groove of simplifying and organizing my home. A lot of things made their way to the MCC store or to the landfill. Pictures and frames waiting by the wayside are finally appearing on the walls thanks to me finally acknowledging that I do have some handywoman skills. I've done some rearranging that my back is suffering for now however I'm quite enjoying my new crafting area. Thanks to my mom we have her old dated floral couch set in our basement and it's looking not so 'tacky' as they completely compliment the colors on the walls. So now Wayne and I are sitting in comfort while we watch Jets games. Did you catch that? Yes, I'm watching hockey on TV. Something I thought I would never do. Not only that, I can now attach names to faces and am actually paying attention to the game. Shocking, I know. He hasn't said it out right but I quite certain Wayne is enjoying me taking part in game night dates.  

The kids have had quite the month too. Jake is in high gear in this house and I find myself placing things higher and forever checking to see of the stair gate is closed. He's already managed to have a second black eye after a nasty encounter with the corner of the dishwasher. The tough little guy was back to his dimpled smile only a half minute later. He's screeching a lot and had been driving us a little wild in the evenings as those eye teeth are taking their sweet old time in coming out. He's finally starting to get a little more cuddly but whips away so fast when those diaper tabs come undone and he's free. He's a workout alright trying to wrestle him back into clothing. Hanna has taken it upon herself to become very 'bossy' over her brother and tries her best(or worst) to undermine my authority. She's changed a lot in the last couple of weeks, a bigger girl attitude and just bit of growing up I think. She's been playing so much and using quite the imagination. Her latest gig is 'packing up' she fills every suitcase, bag, and purse to the max(but quite organized) and carries them around and then 'unpacks'. Pretend makeup has her quite busy to  thanks to a two dollar Dollarama buy. Much time has also been spent riding her bike in Wayne's woodworking shop while he's working.

So basically that alot of what we've been up to. At the moment I spend too much time on Pinterest, have taken up crocheting, am making lists to keep organized, reading books that have been stacking up for a while, enjoying the snow landscape, and sipping on a lot of coffee and hot chocolate. A lot of what's going on now is gearing up for Christmas and waiting like Hanna is, for "Jesus' birthday party"

The pics below are moments that have made me smile and brightened my days.

Jake finds himself stuck in a window frame while I'm fall cleaning, it was quite dramatic. 

Crocheting a scarf after a lovely visit with a friend who gave me the how-to lesson. So rewarding to see it take shape.

Our simple country Christmas tree.

This pumpkin is quite settled in for the winter I'd say.

Those lights were only a novelty until he got all tangled up. Kind of  an attempted photo shoot that you just give up on and can't help but sit and laugh.

And who could resist all that love and affection. He looks just smitten; and got about a dozen kisses.

Here's to more love and laughs.
God Bless Ye Merry Gentlemen!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Farewell Fall

I've been on a blogging break since the end of October as I've been scrambling to get all kinds of things done before Winter really sets in. Fall cleaning, babysitting, preparing for a bake sale,meetings, Ladies morning out, chasing my crawling boy around, doing a lot of puzzles with Hanna, watching Hockey with my Hubby(still can't believe I'm getting into it) putting outside things away, hauling garbage away to the dump, woodcutting work bee at our place, organizing and simplifying, the icing on the cake: an unexpected trip last weekend to Grand Forks with no kiddos in tow.(although the best part is coming home to them again.) All in all, a busy few weeks. What's not done: the windows are not cleaned from the outside, the chickens and cats need heat lamps and more straw, procrastinating on cleaning my kitchen and etc. I'll get to it someday soon but at the moment it's visions of Christmas, crafting, visiting, shopping, hot chocolate, baking and coziness.

The shifting of seasons is such a beautiful time. Each year children look out the window in awe at the first snowfall, eager to get outside and feel it on their faces. The clean blanket of white covers what is already the dull grayness of fall. Like a clean slate. Sure it brings with it the cold which is often not welcomed when bundling up children. As soon as they're bundled up it seems as though it falls off as soon as they start walking. Hanna throws her mitts off here and there. Jake tugs furiously at his toque strings. and I\m huffing and puffing trying to get everywhere on time with them. Staying home never feels as sweet as it does in the winter:warmth, safety, and peace.

Many fond memories of fall, but now tis the season to bring out the Christmas tree and prepare for the Holidays. Hanna is excited about Jesus' birthday party coming up and is daily singing Away in a Manger. This season can be a stressful month for me because I always tend to leave things till the last minute with shopping, baking, preparations for the holidays. My prayer is that I will take this month one day at a time, and live each day in celebration of the Ultimate Gift.


Monday, November 7, 2011

A Time for Change

Busy days and hectic schedules, that's what my days have felt like lately, for a long time actually. I hear that life doesn't slow down. I don't even have a job but I find in the midst of Nursery School mornings, public commitments, homemaking duties, grocery shopping, and managing children through it all, it's hard to focus on my husband and put him in the forefront. Especially when I feel like hiding out by myself for a while. Does that sound really selfish? Am I the only one feeling this way? I hope not... I pray for God to speak to me, to show me the changes I need to make. Then why, when He speaks through the direction of my husband, do my defenses rise and I protest. I walk away feeling offended, exactly the topic we are studying in my mom's group. It's funny how when you study a subject like overcoming offenses, that's when it seems you struggle with them more than ever before. Wayne and I just haven't been on the same page. Our love hasn't waned but our time spent together sure has. When that gets put on the backburner, you all of a sudden start feeling like you took opposite routes somewhere along the way. My female emotions erupted on me this weekend, and his feelings in return. It was so needed. I was invited out Saturday night but didn't feel right to go and  I'm thankful I stayed home to take time for coffee and conversation. We both recognized the need for some changes to be made,  to take some time for ourselves and commit to a date night a little more often. 

Yesterday morning in church an older man told Wayne that he'd been praying for us, and I'm so thankful for the timing of that prayer. God knew we needed a little help from up above. So last night was to be the start of our date night, thought we might head to Brandon, but the church bulletin had a reminder of Communion being held in the evening. What better way could we start date nights together other than partaking of the Lord's Table. We found last minute babysitters(thanks Grandpa and Grandma) and renewed our hearts as we took part in Communion. Remembering God's ultimate sacrifice reminds me that in order to be Christ-like in my marriage I must daily sacrifice my wants to create unity, striving to be what WE want to be together. That our marriage should be a form of worship for Him, putting aside the daily annoyances and stifes and seeking the bigger picture.

It was the perfect date. I was reminded of this picture below taken five and a half years ago when Wayne and I were baptized. We were ready to give public acknowledgement of our will to live for Christ and to enter into marriage in unity, on the same page. There have been many pages turned since then and today it is my desire to get back to writing our story on the same page again.
(we look soo young, and it's not even that long ago. :)

The video below was shown during Communion yesterday, and I can't help but share it here. It's human nature to think of ourselves but it's amazing what happens when we let Christ reverse our thinking.