Thursday, November 18, 2010

What A Small World!

Good Morning! Looking out the window makes me want to stay snug in my house with the furnace on. It looks so cold and as is if the snow will be beginning very soon. However, as I shiver at the thought of winter, I have a story to share that really warms my heart.

This moment of realizing what a small world it is took place during our trip on the semi through Pennsylvania. I'm going to backtrack a bit because really this story starts at home. First of all, a little bit about me. I've always been a person who sticks to what I know and a not to eager to venture beyond what feels comfortable especially not into that big bad world out there. Well I think some of that has changed and I'll give some credit to the technology of the Internet. I discovered the world of blogs about a year ago and ,well, one blog just takes you to another. I've found so many blogs of women out in the world who I can relate to and share similar interests with. These 'strangers' somehow don't seem so strange or far away as you read about their daily lives. One of the first blogs that really spoke to me was that of 'The Country Blossom'. You can find her link at the side of my blog page. I love her warm, inspiring way that she writes about her daily life and her desire to share her faith. I've been following for several months but still it seemed so strange for me to leave comments on her blog as 'I don't even know her.' Recently though, as I got up the bravado to start my own blog page I began to comment on the blogs that I follow. I feel comfortable now sharing with these women out there in Internet world because I guess the world just seems smaller when you can access it from the screen of a computer. (Now I feel like all my old fashioned-ness is going out the door :) )

So now to the heart of the story. We're driving through Pennsylvania down a main highway. I think it was a ways past Lancaster. I'd like to give exact locations but Wayne has the atlas on the semi and my memory is failing a little. I remember thinking about my blogger friend, two of which live in Pennsylvania, but I don't know any exact locations. It felt neat that beyond the Internet, now I was actually in their state although I would still never actually see them. Well we came to an accident scene and had to take a detour. Before coming to the accident we were meaning to get onto highway route 322 and thankfully the detour was going to take us straight to that highway. So traffic was really slow, and it felt as though we were creeping along for a very long time. Wayne and I were both a little stressed because we weren't sure that we were on the right road and thought that we might miss our turn because of the hold up. So we drive into a small town where there were several men directing traffic at different turns. We stopped where the first man was and rolled the window down to ask him if this turn would keep us on the highway 322 and he confirmed it was the right way. I noticed that he had red hair and looked so familiar. It dawned on me as I rolled up the window that he looked like the husband of Katy at 'The Country Blossom' I didn't say anything to Wayne for a while as I pondered how very unlikely a chance meeting like that would be. My mind was thinking it couldn't be possible but inside I was feeling like this really had happened and that God had put her husband in our path. Eventually I told Wayne, thinking he would think I'm crazy, but he said for some reason this man had struck his attention to although Wayne has never had any contact with the blog I read. We were chuckling thinking how neat that would be if really was true. So I decided that when we got home I would contact Katy and find out if she could confirm. I just had to know and really wanted it be true.

So the day before yesterday I received a very pleasing reply from Katy. Sure enough, it was her husband that we had met and spoken very briefly with. I'm smiling as I write as it's just so heartwarming for me. My headed keeps repeating ' how unlikely in all of Pennsylvania and trust me, it's far more populated than Manitoba, that we should come into contact with my Internet friend. That was certainly not luck or a freak coincidence. I'm so sure of God's hand in this moment and how He's connected the dots. I'm humbled as I realize that the world is not just a big, bad place but that the Lord has all things working together and that the ties of faith connect us far beyond our reach.

So now I'm back home, back to reading Katy's blog knowing that in this lifetime I may never come into contact with her again beyond the Internet, but then again who knows what the Lord has in store. It really is a small world after all!!




  1. Her blog was one of the first I started reading. I enjoy it so. She opens her home & shares her family & faith with us. I live in PA & have often wondered about her location. As to how close we are to each other. I think God dose put people in our everyday path & here on the blog. So many of her posts have been a comfort & reminder to me of our Savior who cares for us. Just when I need it. Like you I do not wonder far from the homestead into the big bad world. Maybe some day many of us will cross each others paths & meet. God willing. I have very little family & it is so good to share things with some like her & you who have became a part of my daily life & prayers. The blog is really my only contact outside the homestead. I am not nosie but sure love to share in others life just as if we were really sisters. Blessings!

  2. That is such a beautiful story :) In that Moment God said I love you Christina and you make a difference in this big but small world. Thanks for sharing Christina, you have such a gift of writing:)

    Your dear friend,