Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Time to be Born

"Before I formed you in the womb.... I knew you." Jeremiah 1:5

On January 5, 2011, baby Jake Cornelius Doerksen
was welcomed into our arms at last.
At 7 lbs 12 oz and 20.5 inches long I could only marvel that this little being was really formed inside of me.

We spent about 20 hours at the hospital waiting for my labour to progress. I walked the halls most of the day taking breaks in between when my hips and back felt like they could go no further. My doctor sent us out for supper, and so we decided to head back to my mom's for supper and see Hanna for a bit. After two hours it was definitely time to go back to the hospital. The doctor broke my water at midnight and four hours later Jake came screaming into the bright new world. We had a feeling it would be a boy, but it was still such an exhilarating surprise to really see a little baby boy. He surely would be our little Jake.

We decided on the name Jake in remembrance of Wayne's Grandpa Jake who passed on almost three years ago. Just a few weeks ago I felt that Cornelius would be an appropriate middle name, in honor of my dad. My heart aches when I think about the fact that our children will never know their Grandpa Friesen, and so baby Jake will carry on that little piece of "Cornie". I already figure that my nickname for Jake will be the name Cornie in german form. (Kind of 'corny', eh?)
When Hanna first came into the hospital room, she take on look at me and Jake and says "It's baby Jesus!" After just having had Christmas and Hanna really catching on to the Christmas Story she's been all about her dolls and babies being "baby Jesus" She's been hooked on this bedtime story called the Christmas Donkey, with the story of Jesus from the donkeys view. So in the hospital room after exclaiming that Jake was Jesus she says "Where's the Christmas Donkey?" Well, with much laughter we had to explain that no, Jake wasn't baby Jesus, instead Jesus being his Daddy in Heaven. And, no, mommy is not in a barn with animals and a manger. It took a few days for her to sort the names out but now has it down pat that Jake is her brother and Jesus is in heaven.:) She repeatedly tells me that 'Jake was born' and that mommy's 'big one tummy is gone' She's taken to him really well, and showers him with kisses and hugs. Her adrenaline was running really strong the first few days and now we're trying to get back into routine with miss Hanna. And while I was gone, it seems like she gained weight and grew two inches!

All the people who told me the second time would be easier were right! I feel so much more relaxed and confident with a newborn. Physically, my recovery is much easier to handle and I feel really good. Nursing is well on its way and right now we're in a feeding every 2 to 2.5 hour schedule. Jake has been so content so long as all the burps are out of the way and his tummy is full. I haven't even cried yet which I pretty much did the whole first week when Hanna was born. This time it's not so overwhelming giving up my freedom because of already having a two year old dependant on me. I'm more confident about my place in life as a mother and so in some ways I feel as though I can enjoy this baby more thoroughly.

We've had much help from family and friends with food and keeping up with the small stuff in the house. I'm so grateful for that and for the gifts and hand me downs that I've received. I thought dressing a boy wouldn't be nearly as much fun as a girl but I think I was wrong.

So, for now we are snug in our home just revolving our lives around our two blessings. It feels like a great start to the new year and a good way to get through the winter!


  1. Congrats Christina!! He's gorgeous.

    What a great post, I especially love the baby Jesus part, and Hanna looking for the donkey. Kids are awesome!

  2. You look great Chris! Super Mom!
    Can't wait to see that little nephew of mine again. :) And Dillo is waiting too.

  3. Congrats to your family. I am so happy for you all. I have been wondering about you. Wonderful to here you are getting along well. You look great. He is a precious little guy. Hanna is a proud beautiful sister. I wish you all a blessed New Year. What a way to start it too. Little boys can be dressed up too. I loved the little overhauls on my boys. Blessings!

  4. Congratulation!!! You look great! Things will return to normal pretty soon! Kailey was really emotional when Carter came home, she loved him to bits but was cried real easy! I have a baby girf for you to actually! If you could email me if we can drop it off this weekend? ( We are headed to Kyles folks this weekend.

    Blessings & Love
    Tiffany D <3

  5. congrats Chris, Wayne and Hanna, what a wonderful post, hope to see you all soon (supper at our place maybe? ) LOL! Like we haven't been talking about that.....lil' Jake is beautiful what a wonderful addition to your family!! Hope to see you Lisa & Darryl!

  6. I know you must be busy but I have been thinking about you so I thought I would stop by your blog & say hi. Blessings to you all!