Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hanna's Day and Mother's Day

Hi there...just catching a few minutes out of my busy week to share some special moments of last weekend.  Our 'Hanna-girl' turned four on Saturday, she waited with much anticipation for 'May 12th' for quite some time. We had a great day getting ready for a family picnic party that evening so that she could share her joy with our loved ones. Good food, glowing bonfire and too many gifts :)

Disney Princess seemed to be the running theme in several gifts...

Jake took in the party fun and food with great delight...

All smiles...Hanna adores her cousin Calista

Sunday brought about Mothers' Day and nephew Reid's second birthday. A BBQ Lunch at my In-laws' celebrated both. Hanna tagged along after her boy cousins  while Jake had many sights to explore on Grandpa and Grandma's yard.  

A weekend spent celebrating my role as a mom and the milestones of these little children has encouraged me this week to enjoy the little moments and laugh a little more. We've been working really hard outside this week and the kids tag along in the sunshine and dirt. My favorite moment was a wistful Hanna approaching me yesterday asking ''Will Jesus come and take us to Heaven today?'' She was so earnestly wishful, The corners of my mouth tugged and I replied with ''Yes Hanna, it could be today or it could be a long time, Jesus wants to surprise us''. That seemed to satisfy her for now. Just love watching her process the things Wayne and I are teaching her and watching her spirit grow. Despite all the tiring and maddening moments we have around here, those little hearts that are so full of love and forgiveness make every moment worth it.


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