Thursday, June 13, 2013

Spring Snapshots

I've been finding myself in that busy spring/summer mode where it seems all the hours are counted for, doing outside and inside work. When there is some down time I'd usually rather catch some shuteye than pour energy into thinking about a blog post. However in the midst of our busy family life, between keeping up with the kiddos, nursing a baby and homemaking I managed to snap some shots of us in action; just living out life:
This picture taken on May 12th, the day Hanna turned five. She was so excited to be a birthday girl. We took some time that morning to dress extra special and curl her hair. She was all giggles and glee. And of course mommy wanted a pic with her three munchkins!
I put a little extra something special on her breakfast plate, Hanna loves blackberries.  

Birthday bike! I can hardly believe that I have a five year old already. She is such big, bright girl. So alive with a vast imagination. One of the traits I really love about her at this age is that she always has  a song in her heart. She's always making up songs and often sings so sweetly about loving Jesus.

Party time at Grandma Friesens', all eyes were feasted on the candy dishes. Jake was such a dedicated little party boy. He just sat there and soaked up every moment (and sweet treat) with pleasure!
If Jake can't sit in the swing with Peter then he may as well sit underneath it. Gotta keep my eyes on him these days when he gets to playful with baby. He always poking and pinching. Peter is going to have to grow up fast with a big brother like Jake. I can only imagine what they well be like in a couple of years.

Well here's Hanna and her big imagination. She figured that it was time to have a campout and prepared this little tent with pillows and blankets, all set up around the fire pit. The idea last only until it became dark out. Jake just goes along with whatever Hanna does.

So my kids don't want to eat their bread crust but they certainly can find other ways to use it.

We have been enjoying Peter so much these last weeks. His cheeks are all chub and he's generous with his dimply smile.

Hanna having some fun playtime with her friend Aimee. Muddy tea parties are all the rage around here!

Here we are cruising around the yard. We are always dreaming and planning about changes around the yard. This spring we have been busy making a change to our Quonset so that Wayne can park in a heated shop for the winter. He's also been busy cutting wood to use in his wood boiler. So it seems our summer months will busy with preparing for winter. In the meantime we find much joy in puttering around our yard and ending our days with sitting around the fire or relaxing on the deck.

Puddle jumper! My laundry pile seems to be bigger than ever these days with all the wet, muddy clothes. Who needs a pool when you have a big puddle. I love seeing my kids do the things I used to do growing up on the farm. Just not loving my constant dirty floor so much.

So that's just a little view into our window this spring. Living simply, simply living.


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  1. Beautiful Hanna's curls, Peter in his towel and the tea party. We may not find we have spare moments but we do need to stop and take notice of the busy moments too I think, or we'll blink and our girls will be 10!