Friday, February 25, 2011

Days of Childhood and Laughter(and exhaustion)

Hi again, its been several weeks since I've had the the energy and capacity in my mind to sit and blog. This week Jake is is seven weeks old and I look back and wonder where the newborn days flew off too, even though several weeks ago I thought things would never get easier. The days are a little easier now though, we've come through some tough nursing times, a two week battle of thrush, many tummy aches, gassiness,constant tiredness and sleepless nights. But amidst all that Jake is such a sweet cuddly baby, who is now smiling and cooing at us. He surprises us at how strong he is with holding his head and legs so stiff. He loves to be held forward facing when were walking so that he can see everything. His face is so bright with big eyes that are getting very aware of his surroundings. We love him to pieces.

He certainly is a demanding little guy with still being up at night every two and half to three hours at night. I'm handling it a little better already because he goes back to sleep easier. It's hard to gt used to when my first baby was so easy with sleeping through the nights by six weeks. I have to admit there have been many 'blue' feelings about the way things were going with Jake but I realize and have to accept that Jake is a different baby with different needs than what Hanna had. This is such a short time of his life and the tiredness shall pass. (and his digestive systems will eventually work out its kinks)

Hanna has been quite a challenging two year old. She's constantly testing me one minute and making me laugh the next. We finally have a bedtime routine down pat with her thanks to her dad. It starts with going to the potty, standing on the counter to brush her teeth while Wayne and her sing silly songs. Then she flys off like an airplane into his arms and runs to bed. Of course she asks for milk, then its story time, cuddling and a prayer. Then, peace and quiet and sometimes a sigh of relief from me. Then after a while I turn out the lights and cover her with the blanket. I marvel how this headstrong, high energy child can look so angelic and tender in her sleep. Then she reveals her wild side again the next morning, lol.

Here is Hanna in one of her many dressing up moments, this is definitely her mennonite look. And speaking of being mennonite I'm trying to recommit myself to teaching my kids the low german language. Preserving the culture that I come from is important to me and I want to pass those memories on to my children. The low german language is so unique and I fear that someday it will be a forgotten language. I struggle myself to keep speaking it and often do so only with my mom and siblings. And there some expressions and sayings that only come out best when spoken in the mother tongue. Yesterdy Hanna asked me if I had some 'shnoda' and proceeded to get a kleenex and wanted to blow my nose for me. Not the most graceful word to begin with but it's a start.
This is Hanna having a heydey making noodles with her Aunty Kathy, who has far more patience in the kitchen with a little girl than what I do. She loved getting her hands in the flour and patting the dough, not to mention how many noodles she ate.

Jake is finally fitting his three month outfits. After several weeks of sleepers its been fun dressing him up like a little man. Of course my mom thinks its silly to make a baby look so grown up, and 'youngs moms today just don't do things the way they used to!'

I finally asked someone to take a pic of Jake with his mommy as it seems I do all the picture taking and in the end there are so few of me with him.

Hanna is a proud sister and says that Jake is her best friend. My sister asked Hanna if she could Jake home. Hanna very adamantly told her that Jake belongs in mommy's house.
At the end of my trying, tiring days, we are blessed to be called to raise these two children. Each day I pray to be a more patient mother with strength and the wisdom to steer them in the right direction. It's not an easy task but one that I want to be diligent in each day.
Psalm 127 Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord; and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are the children of his youth. Happy is the man that has his quiver full of them; they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies at the gate.
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  1. I've often wondered at how children could be such little stinkers, and yet look so incredibly sweet, calm and angelic in their sleep!

    You've got a beautiful family, it's nice to hear about your all on your blog!

  2. So good to here of your days. The kids are so cute. Jake is growing & looks sweet in his big boy clothes. I was wondering if the language is the same as that in the amish fiction books? I read alot of them & was tring to learn the language. Katy at the country blossom has a link to her sister Devons blog & she has a newborn close in age to Jake. I thought you might enjoy her blog too. Take care & Blessings! Lara