Friday, January 6, 2012

Jake Turns One

Happy Birthday to Jake!

Yesterday he turned one and my mind drifted back over his first year of life. Hard to believe that a year ago I gave birth to him, a tiny bundle of sleepiness and a constant hunger. We were elated to have a baby boy join our family, wondering what a world with him would be like. My elation gave way to many tiring, teary eyed nights as Jake tested me for seven months with waking every two hours, it felt like it would never end at the time. I tried so many different things with him and Googled every baby sleeping issue possible.  Great days of cuddles, rocking and cooing gave way to too many crazy nights until desperately one night I put him in his play pen in the basement.  He slept through the entire night and life with him took a way better turn. Hallelujah! we have slept through the night since then other than some teething interuptions. That made a world of a difference for my attitude, energy and role as a mom. And, yes, he is still sleeping by himself in the basement. I've received many surpised, questionable looks from people but I just laugh it off, because it's working for us! 
The stages following those months have been so fun and fullfilling to watch.
 He's turned into such a fun loving boy who's also the biggest sucky baby ever.

His big, dimpled smile and mischevious eyes turn into a fit of body slamming onto the floor with big crocodile tears falling.

He loves following Hanna around and giggling at her antics. He does not aprreciate her mothering techniques.

He loves his soother and it's in use way too much. Something to work on in the new year.

He crawls like a race car and doesn't seem to be in a hurry to start walking. Hanna walked a week after her first birthday but I don't think that will be the case with him.

Loves to hold anything that is not a toy and he shouldn't be having.

Thinks he can go down the stairs with hands and head first just like going up, so I'm always on stair alert.

Still a pretty good shopper but that's bound to change soon.

Makes a game of throwing all food off his tray and acts totally proud about it by thrusting his chin in the air like a horse. He's totally a male. :)

Said his first word last week when he watched the cats, it's not a perfect word but sounds like 'kitty'

I have to wrangle him when I change his diaper and have learned to attach the tabs while he's standing. Poops often end up with me tossing him in the tub so the mess stays contained.

So many more things I could say, he drives me crazy, makes me laugh, my heart warms, keeps me running, whines at the most inopportune times,  and sends his charming smile my way to make the best of times.
I love watching his daddy and sister interact with him
I love seeing his grand parents and family members light up when they see him.
I wish my dad was here to give Jake 'horsey rides'
I'm thankful that God has gifted me with the role of being his mommy and pray that I will better mom to both of my children this year.

 I love this kid. sigh.


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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Jake! Such a sweetheart :)