Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Cares

Christmas came and went so quickly, maybe it feels that way because of the main holidays falling on the weekend this year. I was so busy the two weeks before Christmas tying up last minute stuff, there were no thoughts of finding time to blog. This week I find the rush to have passed, remnants of Christmas wrap and cardboard boxes cleaned up, gifts organized and ready for use and wondering how long I should leave up the decorations. It feels so good to take some down time this week: puzzling, eating left overs, reading, watching the kids play with their Christmas toys and drinking coffee with Wayne.

We had an slightly different Christmas this year, for one our gatherings were spaced and allowed us to not feel so rushed from place to place. We enjoyed our first Christmas Day at home with our little family with nowhere to go. It was good timing to be home because we were feeling a little under the weather over Christmas. A very welcoming Christmas gift was Mom and Dad coming over with chicken noodle soup and spending time with us. Our family gatherings went well with games, chatter, tons of good food and good times. Hanna was so excitedto take part in all the Christmas events and Jake was pretty merry along the way despite the colds and sniffles that we're still fighting.

Hanna took so much delight in her gifts, especially the red night stand Wayne built her. She was so proud when we moved it beside her bed and has arranged all of her special things in the drawers. I also received a handmade gift from Wayne that he crafted in his woodshop. He's been so crafty in that little shop lately and he's full of ideas for future projects. His delving into woodworking again reminds of our first Christmas together when we dated and his gift to me was a pine hope chest that built for me. I knew then we were on a road to a life together and I'm so thankful to be spending my Christmases with this man who shares his love, laughter, and talents with me. Wayne had some Christmas holidays this year that weren't by choice but rather because of big repairs to our semi truck. The time off was certainly costly but we invested that time into much more important matters of the heart and family. I heard somewhere in last while that Christmas time is when we feel the Lord so close at hand and heart because of it being the time he came to Earth. Christmas brings about a focus on relationships and brotherly love and bringing about a new perspective for the new year ahead. That semi truck certainly takes much of our focus as it brings about our provision but along with that it's brought much stress for Wayne this last year. This last week has taught us though that God has pulled us through a year of this venture, it still seems an uncertain furture, but what is true and faithful each day is that God has provided us with each other, our children and our home and hearts where He is showing us His will. One of my ultimate gifts this Christmas was the strength He gave us to put aside the anxiety and worries that followed us all year. In the time of test we worked it out together, felt God close at hand and were able to fully find the reason for the season.

I never did take time to wish my online friends Christmas greetings. So I just pray that you all had a very merry Christmas and that you experienced much joy, love and peace.


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