Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Family Fall Sunday

This past sunday we headed out to the Meander Pumpkin Patch, along with Devin, Sonya(Wayne's sister) and their boys. From church we enoyed a packed lunch and a nap on the way. We hadn't been to the pumpkin patch before so weren't really sure what to expect. Well, it was a fantastic place to spend a family day together. The kids had so much fun. True to its name, there were alot of pumkins, all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors.

We 'meandered' to and from the different activities: corn maze, petting farm, zip lining, hay ride, barrel train, bale maze and much more. The kids seemed to love the bales the most, and I even got myself up there reliving my bale-jumping days.

We also enjoyed checking out the country store, where they sold cookbooks, decor, preserves, and other goodies. There was a little market building where all the different types of pumpkins, squash and gourds were set up for sale. The weather was a little chilly so I couldn't resist the hot apple cider!

It was just a pleasure to see the kids enjoying the outdoors, their cheeks red and hair all wind swept. We spent a few hours there and headed out for a scrumptious supper at Montana's. Our tired kids did pretty good there cause it's the only place you're free to draw on the table! The fun didn't stop there. It was already 8pm so we stopped at McDonald's playland to let the kids climb for a while. By 9pm it was sleep time, Hanna slept all the way home and straight through to Monday morning. And I was exhausted after all that fun!


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  1. yay a new blog to read! That pumpkin patch sounds awesome! This weekend we're taking our kids to A Maze in Corn - I hope it's as fun as where you went!