Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's Been a Busy Week So Far!

What a beautiful week it's been, I wish the warm weather would hold on for another month at least. I've been babysitting my nephew and we've been outdoors as much as possible. The children love running around with the chickens, pretending to drive the lawn mower and throwing the ball to each other.

I've actually been able to accomplish the outdoor work that I set out to do this week. For four days I've dug up canna lilies, now that sounds a little extreme, but its been about an hour each day. That's all me and this little one inside of me can handle. I'm giving away many bulbs this year. They multiplied so much and I just dont have the space or energy to lug them all into the basement.

I've tried to make use of my laundry line each day to wash linens. The windy, warm days give them such a great, fresh smell. I'm finding it much easier though to throw everything in the dryer than to truck baskets of wet laundry upstairs and outdoors.
I haven't cooked supper at all this week and am feeling rather spoiled. So far, four nights of eating at my families' homes. The menus? Mon-Chili, Tues-Kielke, Shmaunt Fat and Ham, Wed-Ribs, potatoes, carrots and Tonight-Lasagna and pizza bread. I can honestly say I wouldn't cook that great of food for just Hanna and I each night. When Wayne's gone I can hardly make myself stay at home for supper. I know I have Hanna for company but it's often a battle just to get her to eat her food. For me, a big part of eating a meal is sharing the company of others. After babysitting two year olds all day I just want some supper with adult conversation. So away we go. Even though it's been great eating out, I would way rather have my hubby at home to cook supper for!

Wayne took his first truck trip to Virginia this week, the longest trip for him so far. He's been telling me how beautiful the fall colors are. Here we have yellows and oranges but he's seen many trees of brilliant red. He's on his way back now and should be home mid-Saturday. We sure miss him.

What else have we been up to? Sewing room is cleaned and ready for some crafty hands. I made apple sauce for the winter. Grapes are picked but I need to get them into the freezer tomorrow. Trying to get Hanna's room cleaned out and ready for painting. The lists of things to do seem to never end.

Well it seems I'm rambling on about my everyday things. My post is nothing to thought provoking, I guess because I haven't had to much time to think.

I did however come across a quote this week that really resounded with me and thought I might share it:
When thou lookest back,
and tracest the subject of his love
from the beginning,
in the springs and autumns of his grace,
will not the question again arise,
"Why have I found grace in thine eyes?"

-Robert Hawker

Good Night, Christina

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  1. Your little Hanna is so beautiful. Her grapes look yummy. I know what you mean about wanting company to eat with. My hubby works nights. I have the kids & love them much. But eating with hubby great & I get very little adult conversation. So glad I found your blog. Blessings to your family. Congrats on the little one in you. So exciting!