Friday, September 24, 2010

A Full Friday

Well it seems I just can't sleep at night anymore! Wayne goes away and then the first night I'm up every one to two hours.(sometimes even looking out the windows for whatever sounds I thought I heard) Usually by the last night I'm so tired from a lack of sleep that I sleep good. However I think I'm napping too much too cause I was awake constantly last night. Tossing and turning, my stomach just wasn't comfortable. At six I ate half a banana, cause I usually fall asleep if I eat(thats the Friesen in me). Nope, that didn't do the trick so I decided to get up and start my day. Of course of all mornings Hanna decided to get up really early too and I was trying to be so quiet. We cuddled, watched TV for a while, had breakfast and then got started. Its amazing what gets done when you start the day sooner. By nine my bathroom was clean, bed made and started on bread dough. I never do this, all summer its been about ten when I finally decide to get out of my pjs. Hanna actually played quite a bit and by mid morning we were sipping on a raspberry smoothie.

Wayne was home for lunch and I was feeling quite proud to be serving up a healthy homemade lunch, as he's been doing restaurant food all week . I had baked flaxseed bread, leftover kommst borsht, cheese and melons. The recipes for the soup and bread come from the 'mennonitegirlscancook blog' and turned out great!

After lunch Hanna and I had a semi-ride to Winnipeg with Wayne. She was so wound up that I thought I'd lose my mind by the time we got there and that we would never do this again. After a bathroom break, she settled and slept in the bunk for almost two hours. I really fought the urge for my usual nap, but I resisted the temptation by sneaking some of Wayne's coffee. I couldn't believe how comfortable he was driving that big rig in the city, definitely not a job for me! It was a well spent afternoon, relaxing even though I wasn't sleeping.

We were home at six and ready for supper. I did a quick purge of the fridge freezer and voila! a supper of perogies with onions, varsht and more soup. We've bathed, played with Hanna, and it's now nine thirty. It's been a full day! Surprisingly, I'm still feeling alert and my heart feels like its been time well spent.

And I hope God grants me a night of deep sleep and comfort...and I wish the same to all you busy moms and wives out there.

sweet dreams, Christina

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