Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Feline in the Family

Our newest member of the Doerksen Funny Farm...a young female kitty that Hanna named Toupee after her favorite Treehouse character.

We were very surprised one evening, coming home from a walk, to find a kitten in the kennel where I was housing a recovering chick. The chick was perched on the front step rather than on its stuffed animal in the kennel. I just scooped up the chick and put back in the kennel only to have it scurry out as fast as it could go. I repeated the same scenario and then crouched down to look in. I startled as a kitty got up and came out purring. Hanna was so surprised and I figured out where it came from as it was the same kitten Hanna's been playing with at her Auntie's house. She had dropped it off while we were out and said later that she thought we might want to try having a kitten for the weekend to see how it would go.

Well it was getting dark and I didn't know how to come up with a cat house at the moment. She couldn't be in the house because I was already sneezing due to allergies. She couldn't be out in the open for the night due to the stray cats and didn't want to lose her on her first night here. So where to go but back into the kennel with the chick. I was hesitant because there were two options, they either sleep together or the kitty has a meal during the night. I was hoping to come across two live animals in the morning.

They made through and several nights after. I guess cats aren't that tempted by chicken dinner.They didn't hang out during the day although the kitten tried play pouncing a few times only to send the chick flying away beneath the patio.

Hanna has spent so much time with her kitty. She made it past the weekend and has made herself really at home. Due to alot of petting (even from myself), stroller rides, invites into the house at times by Hanna and a lot of space to herself, she purrs all the time and seems really happy. Sometime she seems to need her own time away from Hanna and the many positions that she carries that kitten in.

The chick had a sad ending after all either due to a visit from the prowling fox or a mean stray tomcat because I forgot to close the kennel one night. I'm not to heartbroken because I wasn't sure how to deal with the chick for the winter because it was rejected out of the hen house. Now we have to create a warm place for this kitty for the winter. I just can't have her in the house or my sinuses will go wild. I had better not throw her in the hen house or I may have too many stressed out chickens that won't lay any eggs. They don't come by the house anymore now that a cat has taken claim.

Came across this adorable scene the other day. Jake laughs every time he sees Toupee especially when the kitty rubs around his legs. She decided to hop into the exersaucer with Jake and they were both very relaxed and content in there. Guess she's a keeper! Now to work on the next addition to the funny farm :)


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