Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Special Someone!

Wishing a (very late) Happy Belated Birthday post to my very special niece, Cara.
This year her and I have both completed a quarter of a century together. There are many memories in those twenty five years. With an age gap of only six months we spent much of our younger years feeling like sisters and often mistaken as twins. Our childhood years were spent with outrageous imaginations and seldom stuck in boredom. Cara's creativity has never ceased to amaze me, it used to be that she could make coloring with crayons look like prize winning art and now i walk into her home and ooh and ahh at her interior decorating. Her home is so unique to her tastes and full of that retro feel that we both love.
Time spent together has been much less often in our adult years, as we live further apart, different social circles and career paths, and just the business of life getting in the way. So often, it seems I only stop in for a few minutes when I come in to shop. Hard to get quality time together that way. This past summer my mom and I took a bunch of cucumbers to her house one morning and spent the day with her making homemade relish. It was a wonderful time working in her cute (very clean, unlike mine) kitchen, having lunch, and just working on something together again. Mom enjoyed being in charge of us girls again too!
I think her kitchen is very 'Country Living Magazine' worthy!

So proud of who Cara is and all that she has accomplished. The determination, thriftiness,and independance put into hard work and schooling to get a very rewarding career that few would be brave enough to choose; to investing her time, tenderness and heart into loving her dog like I've never seen anyone else do. I love all those things about her.

I thank God for the gift of you in my life, Cara, and pray for showers of blessings upon you.


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