Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little Country Church

"There's a place dear to me, where I'm longing to be with my friends at the old country church."

Places like these make me want to burst out those great old-tyme hymns. My old-fashioned bones ache to imagine myself living in those days long ago.The doors of this old church set back in the beautiful scenery of Edrans, beckoned me to enter in.

This past summer my sister-in-law Sonya and I were attending a wedding of a cousin at Edrans. It was a warm, sunny morning spent at a beautiful country wedding. In between the service and lunch we had about an hour to wait. We felt like going a few miles down the road to the old church and cemetary where Grandpa Jake Doerksen was buried only three years ago. I've always thought that the community and surroundings of Edrans has a peaceful, quaintness to it and a lovely landscape to live in. I have many memories of driving through this area with my parents, skating at the rink, and always imagining what it would have been like  to live here when it was still a thriving village.

The little chapel was a walking distance off of the cemetary and i couldn't resist seeing if the doors were open. Sure enough, (I did not break and enter) the doors were unlocked and easily swung open. Walking in felt like stepping into a different time period as the benches, piano and pulpit were still all in place. I expected a vacant building, but all it was missing was that congregation of long ago.

I noted that the cemetary held memorials of fallen soldiers of the World Wars. It was easy to imagine people of the early 1900's, praying for their loved ones in battle, in those wooden pews.(maybe thats going too far back, it would be interesting to know what the time period of the church was.) We also found a guest book up front and signed our names. It was so pleasing to see that this place had not fallen victim to vandals and the doors could be trusted to remain open for visitors to enter in.

The picture of the Ten Commandments on the wall reminds me that despite the circumstances that cause churches to close their doors, the word of God remains steadfast and faithful through eternity.

Sonya and I posing, marking our place in the history of this country chapel. The interior of the church seemed to be small in scale compared to the churches we attend today. People then just seemed to not need as much leg or walking space.

We also spent a few minutes reflecting at Grandpa's gravesite. I noted how peaceful and quiet the cemetary was, with sounds of nature and towering oaks surrounding. A good place for the body to be laid to rest.

I enjoyed the time spent here as I love places the stir my heartstrings, and places of old really do that for me.

"Precious years of memory, oh what joy they bring to me."


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