Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Farewell Fall

I've been on a blogging break since the end of October as I've been scrambling to get all kinds of things done before Winter really sets in. Fall cleaning, babysitting, preparing for a bake sale,meetings, Ladies morning out, chasing my crawling boy around, doing a lot of puzzles with Hanna, watching Hockey with my Hubby(still can't believe I'm getting into it) putting outside things away, hauling garbage away to the dump, woodcutting work bee at our place, organizing and simplifying, the icing on the cake: an unexpected trip last weekend to Grand Forks with no kiddos in tow.(although the best part is coming home to them again.) All in all, a busy few weeks. What's not done: the windows are not cleaned from the outside, the chickens and cats need heat lamps and more straw, procrastinating on cleaning my kitchen and etc. I'll get to it someday soon but at the moment it's visions of Christmas, crafting, visiting, shopping, hot chocolate, baking and coziness.

The shifting of seasons is such a beautiful time. Each year children look out the window in awe at the first snowfall, eager to get outside and feel it on their faces. The clean blanket of white covers what is already the dull grayness of fall. Like a clean slate. Sure it brings with it the cold which is often not welcomed when bundling up children. As soon as they're bundled up it seems as though it falls off as soon as they start walking. Hanna throws her mitts off here and there. Jake tugs furiously at his toque strings. and I\m huffing and puffing trying to get everywhere on time with them. Staying home never feels as sweet as it does in the winter:warmth, safety, and peace.

Many fond memories of fall, but now tis the season to bring out the Christmas tree and prepare for the Holidays. Hanna is excited about Jesus' birthday party coming up and is daily singing Away in a Manger. This season can be a stressful month for me because I always tend to leave things till the last minute with shopping, baking, preparations for the holidays. My prayer is that I will take this month one day at a time, and live each day in celebration of the Ultimate Gift.


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  1. I have been under the weather a bit this last week so I am behind aleady. I can not believe Thanks Giving is this week. I need to go shopping for some food items. Oh & before I know it Christmas will be here to. I can not seem to catch up with life as it speeds by so fast. Wonderful photos of the children. Blessings!