Monday, November 7, 2011

A Time for Change

Busy days and hectic schedules, that's what my days have felt like lately, for a long time actually. I hear that life doesn't slow down. I don't even have a job but I find in the midst of Nursery School mornings, public commitments, homemaking duties, grocery shopping, and managing children through it all, it's hard to focus on my husband and put him in the forefront. Especially when I feel like hiding out by myself for a while. Does that sound really selfish? Am I the only one feeling this way? I hope not... I pray for God to speak to me, to show me the changes I need to make. Then why, when He speaks through the direction of my husband, do my defenses rise and I protest. I walk away feeling offended, exactly the topic we are studying in my mom's group. It's funny how when you study a subject like overcoming offenses, that's when it seems you struggle with them more than ever before. Wayne and I just haven't been on the same page. Our love hasn't waned but our time spent together sure has. When that gets put on the backburner, you all of a sudden start feeling like you took opposite routes somewhere along the way. My female emotions erupted on me this weekend, and his feelings in return. It was so needed. I was invited out Saturday night but didn't feel right to go and  I'm thankful I stayed home to take time for coffee and conversation. We both recognized the need for some changes to be made,  to take some time for ourselves and commit to a date night a little more often. 

Yesterday morning in church an older man told Wayne that he'd been praying for us, and I'm so thankful for the timing of that prayer. God knew we needed a little help from up above. So last night was to be the start of our date night, thought we might head to Brandon, but the church bulletin had a reminder of Communion being held in the evening. What better way could we start date nights together other than partaking of the Lord's Table. We found last minute babysitters(thanks Grandpa and Grandma) and renewed our hearts as we took part in Communion. Remembering God's ultimate sacrifice reminds me that in order to be Christ-like in my marriage I must daily sacrifice my wants to create unity, striving to be what WE want to be together. That our marriage should be a form of worship for Him, putting aside the daily annoyances and stifes and seeking the bigger picture.

It was the perfect date. I was reminded of this picture below taken five and a half years ago when Wayne and I were baptized. We were ready to give public acknowledgement of our will to live for Christ and to enter into marriage in unity, on the same page. There have been many pages turned since then and today it is my desire to get back to writing our story on the same page again.
(we look soo young, and it's not even that long ago. :)

The video below was shown during Communion yesterday, and I can't help but share it here. It's human nature to think of ourselves but it's amazing what happens when we let Christ reverse our thinking.


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  1. If you ever need some slowing down time to yourself during the day,I can take Hanna anytime. She is such a sweetheart. Her and Aimes looked soooo cute walking down the stairs hand in hand tonight. Before bed, Aimee informed me that Hanna was her cousin. She's mixed up because I was telling her Chase and Hanna were cousins! She said, "Well, Chase and Hanna and Aimee are all friends together" :)