Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Goodness

Good Sunday Morning to you!

Hanna has me up early, so before its time to get ready for church, I thought I might share the last couple of my days with you. I always anticipate the weekend, especially now that Wayne only comes home on Fridays or Saturdays. I knew he wouldn't be home until Sat afternoon so Friday I spent the day cleaning my house and washing floors that I'd neglected for a while. I strive to create a tidy, peaceful home for Wayne to come home to at the end of the week, a space where he can unwind and rejuvenate! (mind you, all week the toys are strewn everywhere and the kitchen counters not so tidy)
Friday was last day of the week for babysitting. Our morning started out a little stressful, with Hanna being very possessive of what's HERS and she wasn't to keen on sharing. I thought that having my nephew here for a few weeks would help change her attitude and bossiness. I've seen improvements but realize that it may be a longer process than I thought. She's definitely a strong willed child. I find that once the children have had their naps, they're much more agreeable with each other. All of a sudden they were side by side, looking at books. No crying, no pulling books away, just smiling and sharing the pictures with one another. Those moments just ease the stress away...
Friday at supper time, my sister-in-law and her boys brought chinese food over for supper. So yeah, that's my fifth day of no cooking. I think I'm going to lose the cooking touch :) It was a great treat because my hubby doesn't eat chinese food, so it's not something I get very often. She had brought her truck over to load up items we could use for the Thanksgiving display at church later that evening.

Sonya wanted to set up an outdoorsy, fall theme, so we hauled all kinds of big things into the church. I think it turned out with the desired effect, like a place where you can sit and ponder on all the good things the Lord has done for us.
We managed to get our children to sit for a precious, FEW seconds and snap a pic. They were a little wound up and at the end of the hour we were both ready to head home.

Saturday morning Hanna and I got dressed up to go to a wedding, and what a lovely wedding it was. I was able to catch up with friends that I hadn't had a chance to be with much in the summer. Of course, after an encouraging service on marriage and seeing the couple so in love, I have to admit I just wanted to go home with Hanna and be there to greet Wayne when he would get home. I had actually planned a date night out with him because his birthday would be on Sunday. He was really tired when a he got home and wanted to go on a date but at the same time he didn't. I was disappointed because in my mind I had just spent the whole week with Hanna and now I wanted time alone with him. Laying selfishness aside, I realize that he spends his whole week without both his girls so he wants both around him when he comes home. So date night at home it was. Hanna was so excited to wake up from her nap and see her daddy. We had a popcorn picnic by the light of an oilamp and she entertained us with dancing and lots of laughter. We also had a chance to talk heart to heart about all the changes we've had in our life in the last while and possibly new changes ahead.
After Hanna was asleep we watched music videos on youtube and he showed me pics of his trip through Virginia and Pennsylvania.(That was our substitute for the movie theatre)
It was a great date night!
Today is Wayne's twenty-nineth birthday! He thinks he has way to much gray hair to be only twenty nine but I think it just means he's wiser at a younger age. We will head to church, come home for lunch and a nap, and then go a fiftieth wedding anniversary for and aunt and uncle of mine. In the evening we have a birthday bonfire planned with Wayne's family.
So I'd better start getting ready for the day, hope yours is great day too!


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  1. Happy Birthday wishes for your home. My oldest son will be 29 this week. He is not gray yet but he is bald on the top. He wears a baseball cap 24/7. His only child my Grand baby is 3 & not big on sharing yet. They will learn. I love to eat chinese food. I had is Friday. The fall church display turned out great. Pa is beautiful at this season. Blessing from my homestead to yours!