Monday, October 11, 2010

A New Song

'And He hath put a new song in my mouth' Psalm 40:3

It's been a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Wayne has been home for almost a week and that's I've been so thankful for that time together. It was time together that was really needed already. A time for us to catch up on yard work for the winter, have coffee in the mornings, and just be there together for Hanna. The last few weeks we done a lot of searching and talking about where we feel God is leading us in terms of making a living. Of course most of this has been over the phone; so the last few days with face to face conversations we feel more at peace and enlightened about what our next steps should be. Lord willing, Wayne should soon be home again every night and in time for the new baby! :)

Wayne holding his nephew Reid

We had three family gatherings this weekend. So much food, visiting and warm weather. I think it's the first ever Thanksgiving where I've sat around a bonfire and evening air was warm. The weather is such a blessing, especially for the farmers who've already dealt with so many unwanted conditions this last spring and summer. Thank God for the harvest!

Hanna enjoyed her weekend so much. She's been so busy playing with cousins, ran around at an auction sale, had a sleepover, and of course got more juice and sweets than she needed. She was so excited to go to my sister's house for night and it felt really strange to watch her climb in to the vehicle and say 'see you later, mommy' All smiles and no tears, all of a sudden she didn't seem so little anymore. I have to admit it was refreshing to have a night and morning to ourselves but I was eager to pick her up and see her bright smile the next day.

It seemed like summer weather the way the children were able to picnic and play outside.

Our Thanksgiving Sunday service was on having a thanksgiving mindset in all things and circumstances. One of the verses that really stood out to me was in Psalm 40 where David writes about a singing a new song of praise to the Lord. I, too, feel as though I have a new song to sing. My thoughts go back six years ago when my Dad was with the family at Thanksgiving, not knowing it would be the last time our family would all sit around the table together. We were sharing what we were thankful for and he said he was so thankful for his family and that it was growing. At that time we were anticipating my brother's marriage and the joining of his fiance and her daughter into our family, my dad was so happy for them. Little did we know that we would soon be losing the man who fathered our family. For a long time it felt like there was no new song to sing in his absence. However, today I find my father's words echoing in my own life. My family has grown more than I imagined. Soon after dad passed, Wayne came into my life and I was given the chance to fall in love and find the man I wanted to commit to and start a family with. Through him I have gained the blessing of a new family and especially a father figure we can look up to. His family made me feel at home from the beginning, and a healing salve during the time when my family and I were grieving. Today My brother and sister-in-law together have a sweet little boy only half a year older than Hanna. Hanna and Chase have brought my mom so much happiness and laughter. These children will never know their Grandpa Friesen, how he would have loved bouncing them on his knee. This Thanksgiving I also have the joy of knowing their is a little one being formed within me, soon to join the family! What a joy to know that God had so much more in store for my family than I ever thought would be possible six years ago. I too, am thankful for my family and that it is growing....

After two turkey meals, Wayne's family enjoyed an outdoor Thanksgiving 'picnic'

hope that you too have a new song to sing,


  1. Its hard to believe your Dad has been gone for six years!! There have been so many changes in your family. Your Dad would be so proud of you! Don't ever stop writing. You have a wonderful gift that God has blessed you with. If you ever decide to write a book I want to be the first to read it. Reading your blog I feel so many different emotions at once, its amazing. You are an inspiration!! Have a wonderful week!!

  2. The news of your hubby being able to be home every night with you & the children is wonderful & perfect timing with the wee one soon to come. Blessings!