Monday, October 18, 2010

A Weeks' Worth

I guess it's already been a week since I last posted. My days have just been flying by and there hasn't been much time to snap pics and blog. I've also been trying to be on the computer a little less as it consumes a lot of time. I find all these projects online that I intend to do but don't actually have the time to do them. I've been on a mission to do some painting, starting with Hanna's room. It's been a month in planning and I've now finished the puttying, sanding and painted the first coat. So I hope at the end of today I can post a picture of the finished room. I think maybe I'm in 'nesting' stage because I'm feeling more energy and a drive to do many things before baby comes. I've been living in chocolate-induced state of mind!!

This last week Wayne was home for a part of the week so we cleaned the windows and washed the outside of the house with a pressure washer borrowed from my mom. I think our yard is pretty much ready for winter other than covering my strawberries with straw and the chickens needing more bedding.
Inside,I've sorted through all the winter wear, filled some MCC bags and been getting a start on fall cleaning. I'm happy that I don't need to buy Hanna a snowsuit as I found some great hand me downs that fit just perfect for this winter. All we need to buy is a pair of winter boots. Hanna had spent much time trying on snowpants lately, even wearing them outside on some of those warm days. Whatever keeps her happy, I guess!

A good friend has given us two bags of clothes for Hanna in the last few weeks. I really appreciate those gifts as often there's something in there I've been intending to buy and then don't need to. This same friend was very thoughtful in bringing Hanna and I a container of homemade chicken noodle soup on Friday when we were feeling a little under the weather. My allergies were really acting up and Hanna had picked up a cold so noodle soup sure was a good tonic.

Last week I also had a chance to go on a shopping trip with a friend. It was so much fun to spend a day out together without our children and talk women-talk all day. Of course I couldn't do that to often because I spent a little more than I intended. Everything will be put to good use though!

Saturday night we went out to a fall supper in a barn and we went with our toe tappin boots on. Wayne had brought Hanna a gift from his trip to South Dakota; a pair of red cowgirl boots and a pair of denim Wranglers. She looked so cute dressed up like a little cowgirl and was quite proud in her little flashy boots. It was a good evening to sit around on square bales and chat with the folks from around the community. There was lively music in the background and warmth from the wood stove. Hanna played with the children, held a cat in her arms most of the evening and every no and again pulled out her dance moves.

Sunday we spent the day at my moms' celebrating Thanksgiving. She put on a feast like always and we girls contributed salads and dessert to the potluck. We spent the afternoon visiting, playing games and I sat most of the time in my 'nesting' chair crocheting. By eight o'clock it was time to take our tired little one home. She went to sleep right away and Wayne and I had a chance to have a movie night. I don't think we've sat on the couch and watched a movie together in months.
Once again the weekend flew by and Wayne left on the truck early Monday morning. Hanna still wasn't feeling well so we spent our Monday resting, reading, doing laundry, some painting and just taking the day rather slowly.
I also wanted to mention that I took in the Sunday morning service in Austin where my sisters and niece were singing special numbers. They sang a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace and the song To the River I am Going. With it being so close to the time Dad passed away I couldn't help but shed tears as I thought of how he would've loved to listen to his girls sing. Maybe he heard the music way up high and played along on a heavenly fiddle!

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound....



  1. I'm positive your Dad was right there by your side at the service!

  2. I am so sorry you are feeling so much pain right now being so close to the loss of your Dad. May the Lord bless you with comfort. I miss my Pap & Gram so much. Paps birthday would have been in 3 days & there will be no cake or gathering. He passed 19 months ago. It seems we feel the loss of them on those special days & close to the date they passed. You look so cute holding Hanna & the little one in your little tummy. It is wonderful you had a day out with a friend. I would love to see hannas room. Blessings to you & your family my friend!