Thursday, October 7, 2010

Today was One of Those Good Old Days

Today was a day to get out of the house and go on a road trip. My Mother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law and I have been planning a trip to Plumas, a town about forty minutes from my home, for a while. We wanted to check out the quilting store, and visit the farm where mom grew up as a young girl. Today was the perfect day to do it because my weeks of babysitting are over, the weather was great and I was ready for a day out with women. Hanna stayed with her other Grandma and away we went.

On the way we took in Amish scenery. They moved into Manitoba a few years back, the first Amish or Old Order Mennonites in the province. For about 8 km their farmsteads dot the land on the side of the highway. I love the style of their houses and big barns; and would love one of their windmills on my yard. As soon as we turned off the main highway it felt like we were stepping back in time for a few miles, and being who I am, I like feeling like I'm experiencing the old times. I just don't think I could work as hard as what these people must. I've told Wayne often that someday I want a house just like that but mine would need electrical wiring in the walls!
Once in town, we stopped at the quilting store and two hours went by so quickly. I'd love to be surrounded by those fabrics every day. I have visions have quilts dancing in my head. So I intended to find a few pieces of fabrics for the aprons I'm sewing, well that didn't happen. Instead I came out with a beginner's quilting pattern, and all the fabric to go with it. Next time around, I'm hoping that 1933's style fat quarters bundle and vintage quilt pattern will still be waiting for me. I think quilting will be my new craft passion. After all, I have to make use of my sewing machine and I may need my mother's help. Hmmm...wouldn't a quilting bee be great. Now that would be like the old times.

A two o'clock we stopped at the fair grounds and sat on the bleachers with our picnic lunch. Chef Salad, cheese, watermelon and dainties were on the menu. (Formula and pablum for baby Reid :) ) The weather was gorgeous, unreal for this time of year. After lunch we headed to the farmyard where Wayne's mom grew up. I was fascinated once again with a big two storey home with stained glass windows and beautiful trims around the doorways. The owner was very gracious to give us a tour of her home. Mom recalled many memories and her old bedroom even had the original wallpaper. The present owners had updated much of the home but it still had the character of an old farmhouse. I just love these homes, you walk in and feels like they have a story to tell. I know that sounds kind of silly, considering houses are such material things, but to me the walls hold history unlike the modern home of today. Maybe the Good Lord will have a simple, farmhouse waiting for me in Gloryland someday :)

Here's Mom on the front steps. She lived here from the age of seven to seventeen and had only been on the yard once after that. I'm glad she got a chance to see the place again. It made me think of the farm I grew up on. Its been about five years since my Mom and I moved off the farm and six years since my Dad died. I haven't been back other than driving by teary-eyed. I know there is a great, young family living there and forging their own story. That makes me happy because I was always scared the farm would be destroyed and turn into crop land. Someday I want to go back with my children and relive my childhood memories, just not yet. There will be a time for that.

As soon as I came home, I couln't resist digging into the fabric. Here it is... a medley of Dick and Jane fabric with coordinating colors. The quilt pattern is called Yellow Brick Road, meant for beginners like me. I want the quilt to be a special Big Girl blanket for Hanna and the vintage twin bed that Wayne refinished. Hopefully I can finish it in time for Christmas but no guarantees of that.

It was a fun day, especially in the company of my family, Tonight we get to spend time with Wayne, who I think is home for the rest of the week. Oh yeah, and the wonderful man cleaned the inside of our car, a job I've done a really good job of avoiding. Although feeling a little guilty because of my slackness I'm sooo glad he did it.
The rest of my evening will hopefully be spent in peaceful playtime with my family so its time for me to step away from the computer screen.
Have a great evening and remember to make happy memories in your home.
Blessing to you, Christina


  1. It was a great day wasn't it?? Looking forward to seeing your quilt all finished!

  2. I love Amish ways & country. I love to read books about it to. Hubby says I should have been Amish. Nothing wrong with that but I to want the elecrtic & plumbing. Your MIL home place is great. So nice she got to see it. I am trying to make the inside of the homestead old fashioned looking. I love things with history. Most every thing I have has a story behind it. Your not silly. The quilt will be a perfect Christmas gift for Hanna. I sleep under a quilt my Gram made me & gave me 5 months before she passed. It means so much to me. Blessings!