Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Being Aunty Chris

 Don't those eyes immediately capture your attention? Boys always get those big charming eyes and lashes that every female desires. Well those charmers belong to my nephew, Chase. Hanna calls him "my sweetheart" and it's not hard to see why.
I've been babysitting him since the beginning of September. Many days have been filled with the two kiddos chasing each other around the house, bouncing off energy on the trampoline, screaming and laughing over their crazy antics and laying in bed together; looking at books. They fight, hug, say sorry, laugh, fight some more and on it goes as toddlers do.

This is the third fall that I've had Chase at my house and this year stands out as the one that the two are really forming a close bond. Chase tells his mom that he loves coming to Hanna's house and it so reassuring to have him smiling when he comes in the morning. Some mornings he stays asleep when Susie carries him in, and she tells me that his way of showing that he's really comfortable staying here. It's been a bonding time for him and I and I'm so proud to be his Aunty.

Chase and Hanna have been sharing new experiences together like beginning Nursery School. On Mondays when I take the two, we have to stop in front foyer and say good morning to the fishes in the school fish tank. It hits me how fast the years will fly when I see them carrying their backpacks down the hallways eager to see their class and it's not even Kindergarten yet. Chase and Hanna are only six months apart and will be in the same grade during the school years.

Something really unique about Chase is his ability to color and stay in the line. It astounds me how he focuses and there is absolutely no scribbling all over the page. And the good thing, it's rubbing off on Hanna. Everytime she colors now she excitedly says "Mom! I'm staying in the lines, really good just like Chase does!" The comparison is not too close but she getting much better. He's been learning from Hanna with catching on to riding the trike around the house. The first several times he kept spinning out, often giving up with some attitude. But practice has won over and now I deal with the both of them expertly racing around the house. My toes have been run over a few times already. It's so interesting watching them interact, often I can't help but laugh out loud at them, and other times totally exasperated. Jake loves watching them too, screeching and laughing.

I also had the privilege of babysitting my two nephews, Dillon and Reid, from Waynes' side of the family one morning this week. We spent a morning together while Hanna was in Nursery School. Reid was a little magnet to any stair in sight and boy can he motor; loved his big smiles while cruised around on the trampoline. Dillon, the little farmer boy, informed me that John Deere just doesn't run like red and pointed out exactly what farm implements I should stock up on. Couldn't help but chuckle. It's so interesting getting to know all the unique characters of these kiddos!

I'm also getting a lot done because they're keeping themselves busy with playing and I don't constantly have a 'helper' at my side. Although every morning my list to do is way longer than what I actually get done. Today I figured on canning in the morning and fall cleaning in the afternoon. Well between refereeing child spats, mealtimes, and a baby routine; canning became an all day affair. Oh well, it's been a good day! I missed doing a thankful 'Blogtober' post yesterday due to no time and trying to get to bed earlier. I had Chase yesterday morning too, so today I'm double thankful for the time these cousins are spending together. It's defintiely tiring and trying at times but these are precious times and memories for years to come.


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  1. You are so right. They are precious times & memories made. Time goes by fast. My oldest turned 30 today. I miss my nieces & nephew about sharing with my four children. The little ones are now my grandchildren. The visits are few but precious. These children have been blessed to have you care for all of them. Your love for them is heard in your words. Blessings!