Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Sis!

This one goes out to my fabulous forty-something sister as a belated happy birthday post. Trudy is a one of a kind gal and being her little sister is a pretty honorable position. I would never have thought as a young girl and the fifteen years between us that we could form such a close bond as sisters. The love of sisters though, defies age and the gap closes. However, I laugh ridiculously when she is asked about her grandchildren (my kids) when we shop together. She does not find that funny and makes sure she gets the point across that she is not my mother. Nor does she appreciate my razzing about it, but how could I not, being her kid sister and all. :) (Theoretically speaking she could be a grandma, but shh don't tell her..haha).
 I grew close to Trudy as I grew into my teenage years. Kind of around the time when you think your too old to hang out with the kids at family gatherings and adult talk holds a little more interest. Trudy was often the one I went to with all the confusion of teenage years, interest in boys and dating life, and when things got frustrating on the home front. She was a mentor in many areas of my life. We grew close spiritually, laughed so silly, sang loudly, worried and vented together and have made many memories. My albums tell many a story of times together. That bond has only grown stronger as the years have passed into me becoming a wife and mother and often still needing my big sisters' advice and prayers.

What I love about my sister:
*when she's up, she is up and her spirit is contagious
*she wears her heart on her sleeve and can't hide any emotions from me
*her old fashioned-ness
*her commitment to Jesus
*she's the only one I know that orders her food at a drive thru and drives away forgetting that there is actually food coming. and we laugh like silly till our guts hurt after the fact. and there are several more moments I could mention.
*she's a whirlwind: when she cleans house and I always know it's her at the door by the sound of her bouncing footsteps on the stairs and fast knock on the door. in German mom always calls her "ganz augesheckt!" 
*she is young at heart
*she's kinda crazy at times

*her laugh lines remind me of our dad
*any time we clean, cook or paint together, the old tunes come out and the dancing often lets loose
*she's still a farmer's daughter, helps run a farm of beef, dogs, chickens, roosters, and cats. Her dad's old granary now serves as a summer tea house

*she has a big heart for her kids on the bus that she drives and Hanna will love the day she gets to climb on Aunty Trudy's bus. There have been many happy mornings when Hanna looks out the window and sees the big yellow bus pulling up while I get the coffee pot ready. She thinks all buses we see must be Aunty Trudy.

*she loves music from growing up singing and playing church hymns and out of the German Gesangbuch with Dad to singing along to honky tonk songs on the radio; she's usually the campfire voice that gets us laughing and singing along.
*We come through heartaches together and grieved the loss of our father. Seven years ago, a day before her birthday, Dad passed away and the day after there was no cause for celebration in our grief.
Time has healed her wounds and today we delight in our memories of Dad, sharing laughter, tears and silence.

*one of the things I love most about my sis is the love she shows to my children. I see so much of her in the character of Hanna and Aunty Trudy is very dear to her. She has helped me through many struggles in motherhood already and the help I've received from her in the past few years has been invaluable. I have to admit to being very spoiled when it comes to having big sisters. :)

*we've seen the worst of each other but the beauty of sisters is in forgiveness and helping each other to bring out the best through love, support and family ties that can't be broken.

Happy Birthday Big Sis!

 An older sister is a friend and defender,
a listener, conspirator, a counselor
and a sharer of delights. And sorrows too.
-Pam Brown


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